South Africa – GF pizza

Fat Bob eats a lot of pizza, probably my favourite thing to eat. I was gutted when first diagnosed but decided the search for the perfect pizza must go on albeit of a GF variety. Instead of posting individual pizza places I thought it easier to list them under one post

Cape Town and Stellenbosch – Col’Cacchio

Pictured above can be found in various locations. They prepare the GF pizza separately and baked in their own tray. 

You can mention you are a celiac but to be honest I’ve yet to speak with a restaurant that had heard of it. Why do they have GF pizzas then?  Banting is the answer. Apparently a low carb diet which a lot of Capetonians follow.  Lucky for us

Imhoff Farm – Blue Water Cafe

Prepacked pizza at this bustling cafe just off the main road between Cape Town and    Cape Point. Not the best pizza I’ve ever had but definitely safe to eat.

More to follow……


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