South Africa- Eating Out and shopping

South Africa, not the easiest but certainly not the most difficult for eating GF. Even if you eat fish you may well struggle as it’s often fried, battered or bread crumbed.

A lot of people follow a Banting diet which is low carb and low GF. Definitely not the same as 100% GF. I’d recommend being wary of this when eating out

The breads I have found have been dire. Like a house brick with sesame seeds on it. If you feel the need to experience what being a celiac was like in 1972 then Woolworths and Spar have a few options but you’ve been warned

First the negative, I’ve yet to speak with anyone in a restaurant who knows what celiac disease is. Not ideal. Now the positive, once you’ve explained it they can usually come up with something. I’ve found nearly all the restaurants to be really helpful and you can normally speak direct with the chef to talk things through. The chef normally understands the risks

More to follow….


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