Khao Takiab, Thailand – Yummy Corner

Thought I’d take a risk on trying somewhere new. Normally when things are going as smoothly as they have been  here in Thailand I stick with where and what I know but as we are here for quite a long time we should try to increase the number of places where I can eat.   

We’d seen Yummy Corner from the bus and thought it looked really nice. We haven’t been disappointed. On the first visit Nikki had a look at my translation card, I’d also translated ‘no soy or fish sauce’ which helps simplify things. The cook looked over my translation stuff and was only too happy to help. 

I opted for Pad Thai, the cook told me she’d use only Tamarind sauce, no soy etc

You can have this with just veggies which I went for, chicken or prawns.  We went back last night for a second and equally as good a meal. The cook was beaming when she saw we’d come back and I hadn’t been poisoned. She shouted the phrase that all chefs use when they see me again “same same?” And got a big thumbs-up from me. 

Mrs Fat Bob told me I had to mention what she had even though it is definitely not for Celiacs. Chicken cashew nuts where the chicken is fried in tempura batter and she loved it. 

These guys do great coffee as well. The usual price per dish applies. My Pad Thai was about 90 Bhat (£1.80) and Mrs Fat Bob’s was 150 Bhat.

Yummy Corner is on the corner of Khao Takiab soi 5 and the main road from Hua Hin to Khao Takiab, you can take the green bus for 10 Bhat from either Hua Hin or Khao Takiab.

Can’t recommend Yummy Corner enough and will probably try something else next visit. 


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