Hua Hin, Thailand –  Cicada Market

Cicada market in Hua Hin every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. 

There are loads of street food vendors all set up in one area. After doing a 360 looking out for anything that might be a possibility I came back to this stall. 

I watched this big fella work for a bit before approaching to ask him to have a look at my translation card. 

He gave me a nod, pointed at the soy sauce and said “everything okay but not this” music to my ears. 

He cleans the wok and ladle after every portion but for me he washed everything twice.  All without asking. 

This is food at its best for me, fussy bugger that I am. Egg fried rice with loads of veggies. 

I polished this off and went straight back up for another portion. The stalls don’t have names, just keep going around until you find this big fella expertly chucking rice around in huge wok. 

Woke the next day feeling chipper so I went back that night for the same again. 

The lady at the stall to the left  who does a variation but with steamed rice also gave me a positive smile on the card so I might pay her a visit next weekend…..I’ll let you know how it goes. 


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