Bangkok – May Veggie Home

Bangkok was not going well. Every place I went in to replied with a confused look a shake of the finger and a clear NO. I’m starting to think I may be living off fruit for the next couple of days. 

Even McDonalds was unsuccessful and as we all know these guys are normally able to provide some fries at the very least. I spoke with the manager, showed my translation card and received a curt “you no eat here!”  She was right of course, as we watched one of the staff shuffle battered chicken into the fries tray. I’ve decided that Ronald’s in Thailand is definitely not worth the risk. 

Defeated we returned to our hotel to speak with the restaurant manager. We always like to eat outside of the hotels to get a more local experience but sometimes you have to give-in. Turns out there was no restaurant but a great concierge made a couple of calls, scribbled down a name and gave us directions. I’m still thinking I’ve got no chance of eating tonight.

How wrong was I. Just a 2 minute walk from the hotel is this amazing place. I showed my card to the staff who asked the owner to have a look. Not only did she completely understand she also didn’t have the look of horror I’d received throughout the day. 

The menu has a clear listing of dishes that can be cooked without gluten all marked with a purple dot. The food is lovely. So, as I hadn’t eaten all day I went a bit mad. 

First to arrive was mixed veggie spring rolls. I ordered 2 of these. Which in hindsight was a little excessive. 

Next to arrive was deep fried tofu with a peanut dipping sauce. 

A gorgeous green and a red curry followed with brown rice. 

This place is so good and so easy to find. Just 2 minutes from Asoke station. We came back the next night to a very warm welcome from the people who work here. You might want to book as it gets really busy. 

I had pad thai the next night

If you want to remove the risk from eating then head straight here. Perfect. 


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