Hua Hin Thailand – Sea Harmony

Risk assessment – unfortunately after 3 great, safe visits to Sea Harmony I was glutened on my fourth visit. I knew something had gone wrong as soon as I arrived home after eating there. You know when you know and it’s difficult to explain to anyone outside of our world. 

I had only eaten at home the whole day so know that I hadn’t eaten any gluten anywhere else. I had a chat with Node the owner afterwards about it and he told me they had followed the same routine and used the same ingredients as always. He was very apologetic and is a really lovely guy with a great place to eat. 

I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide on whether to eat here or not. Risk assessment is different for everyone

I lost a week due to this bout, unfortunately I’ve decided I won’t eat here again. Pity as the food, Node and Indy have a great place

If you think the risk is worth it please read on. 

They will go through the menu highlighting what you can and can’t have.  Nice an easy. 
They only use Thai soy sauce, which is GF. 

We started with chicken satay which was gorgeous. I could have eaten a couple of rounds of this on its own and would’ve been perfectly happy. 

The mocktails are pretty special as well and they will of course add alcohol if you like. 

Next up I had a traditional pad thai with chicken all wrapped in a soft thin omelette. 

They can also provide lactose free as well as gluten free dishes. 

If you are a celiac and want to get back that feeling of eating out without being completely stressed then pay Sea Harmony a visit if you are in Hua Hin (it’s actually on soi 6 in Khao Takiab, only 5 minutes from Hua Hin centre) 

The guys know how to make proper coffee as well. The best I’ve had in Thailand. Worth popping in for that alone  

We spent New Year’s Eve here and loved it. We’ll be back soon. 


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