Fat Bob – The Fussy Celiac

I appreciate that as a celiac the food I can safely eat has already been narrowed down for me, some might suggest I have no right to be fussy. In my defence I was fussy with my food before I was a celiac.

(I have no idea why someone has drawn eyebrows on this really friendly Thai street dog but he doesn’t seem to mind)

I’m not a foodie or a writer so the purpose of this blog isn’t to review restaurants etc to say how good/bad they are, nor will it be about price it will solely be about ‘safe to eat’.

This blog will definitely not be about me.  The only photos on here will be of the places and the dishes that myself and Mrs Fat Bob have tried.

Wherever I travel I will always try to detail specific restaurants with dishes I’ve tasted in those places.  I personally find this a bit more helpful as it at least gives a safe haven to aim for when you land on foreign shores.

Hopefully by sharing details on places around the world where I’ve managed to eat safely it will help other celiac travellers to do the same. The emphasis will always be on ‘eating safely’ by that I mean not being ‘glutened’ and by that I mean not having to spend the next three days in bed feeling like I’ve been kicked stupid.

If you’re travelling to any of the places posted feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Fat Bob


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