London – Pho

Our first visit to Pho on Great Titchfield Street and I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last. Vietnamese isn’t something I’ve had a lot of but as it’s mostly naturally gluten free it’s definitely something I’ll be having more often. The only things on the menu that aren’t currently GF are the beers and a chocolate brownie.

We ate here with some friends who said they couldn’t tell there was no gluten in any of the dishes. We shared some starters including goi cuon, cha gio, canh ga and a great beef dish.  This breaks down as two types of spring rolls, chicken wings and a beef dish where you wrap the beef in rice sheets with salad.

The mains had tons of flavour. I opted for wok fried noodles with chicken, lemongrass, chilli and Asian greens washed down with a few ‘Phojitos’ the restaurant’s take on the Mojito.

As always the eating out part isn’t the issue it’s the aftermath that counts and I felt absolutely fine the next day. Definitely a safe place to eat gluten free.


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