Seville – Fargo

This will be strange post because for the life of me I can’t remember what I ate here.  I don’t have any photos either as it was a few weeks after my visit to Fargo that I decided to set up this blog.  What I do remember is the owner being extremely helpful and more than happy to explain not just the GF options but all options available that evening.  Clearly passionate about providing not just GF dishes, they will cater for pretty much any type and level of food related disease, allergy or intolerance.

I remember having had a lovely dinner and even had some sort of chocolate dessert which is something I miss but now don’t usually have, I find GF options can be a bit of a let-down but I remember not being disappointed.  Even more strange is that I remember what my wife ate, the duck, which she loved and I tried as it was GF and I pencilled it in for my next visit.  All-in-all a definite for any visitor to Seville with or without food issues.  The owner promised there was no gluten and he was right, I felt absolutely fine after eating here.



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