Seville – Al Solito Posto

Al Solito Posto on the Alameda de Hercules has a great location, perfect for both lunch and dinner.  I’ve eaten here around 4 or 5 times and never had any issues.  On my first visit I spoke with the owner who is Italian and explained that I was pretty nervous having never eaten out as a celiac at that time.  He couldn’t have been more helpful, took me on a tour of the kitchen and showed me the separate kitchen within the kitchen where they prepare GF dishes.  The dishes still have to pass through the main kitchen to arrive at your table but they put a cloche over the plate to avoid any possible contamination.  About as risk-free as you can get in a pizzeria.

One clever touch, when you let the staff know you are a celiac they change the placemat in front of you letting anyone who comes to your table know, avoiding any potential mix-ups.  Just adds to the reassurance that they take things seriously.

Easy for the staff to spot so no mix ups
Easy for the staff to spot so no mix-ups

I tend to stick to pizza when I eat here, proper non GF pizza is easily the thing that I miss the most so I’m always searching for the next best thing and these aren’t bad at all.  They also do a couple of pasta dishes and the caprese salad is worth a look.  Daura beer is also available.  The Alameda de Hercules really comes to life in the evenings and with seating outside it’s a great spot to enjoy the warm evenings in Seville.  If you’re fed up getting lost in Seville this is one of the easiest places to find.


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